YOGA and AROMATHERAPY WORKSHOP – Techniques to Relieve Anxiety on June 3rd. 2012

Following up on her very popular introductory workshop on Yoga and Aromatherapy for Stress Relief, which included some information on how to counteract anxiety, depression & insomnia, this workshop will focus more specifically on healing anxiety, a condition that arises when there is chronic stress.

Enjoy a relaxing 2½-hour session learning and practicing:
– Specific yoga asanas (postures)
to counteract anxiety and panic attacks.
– Breathing techniques to calm down and bring serenity.
– Mudras (hand positions) and special exercises to promote calmness and release negative energy.
– Simple meditation techniques to center and quiet the mind.
– The use of powerful and healing essential oils to promote relaxation, calm the mind, and release blockages, with information on how they work on our brain and body.

This will be a hands-on session consisting of theory and practice, which will teach easy and simple techniques that can be practiced at home, work or any time needed. You will learn the traditional inhalation of the oils (not application on the body), how to make a spray and simple home uses (such as baths, massage oils, simple diffusing techniques). Participants will experience the healing power of essential oils during the session, will make their own aromatherapy eye pillow, and will also be given essential oil samples to take home. The workshop will end with a deep relaxation session.

Rukimini is a certified Sivananda yoga teacher and is known for her caring, enthusiastic and humorous approach to teaching. She is a longtime student of aromatherapy with a special interest in integrating the healing power of essential oils with the practice of yoga to counteract stress & anxiety.

Imparted by Rukmini, certified  Sivananda Yoga Teacher & Aromatherapy Connoisseur

June 3rd. 2012, from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM.
Registration 1:45 PM.
$25 pre-enrrolled / $30 at the door
At The Yoga Warehouse 508 SW Flagler Ave.,
Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
To register call the YW at 954-525-7726 / 305-866-2398 or e-mail at /

Wear confortable clothes, bring your matt
or big towel (there are matts available to borrow)

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