Hatha Yoga Classes

Design your own Hatha Yoga class

Classes are targeted to all levels with emphasis in classical asanas or postures, and breathing (Pranayama), to stretch and promote well being. Gather your friends and family members at your place. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to honor her/his body by doing as much as it feels good. This is a very relaxing class to relieve stress, detox the body and refresh the mind. No prior experience in Yoga is necessary. Aira Guevara (Rukmini) is a certified Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacher and is known for her caring, enthusiastic and humorous approach to teaching. Aira is also a longtime researcher of Aromatherapy with a special interest in integrating the healing power of essential oils with the practice of Yoga and ancient energetic exercises. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Aromatherapy Practitioner.

Call for info at 305-866-2398 / 786-553-4008

Email: yofloreo.om@gmail.com

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